Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2020

2020.07.31 First Pro Novum Bulletin in 2020 have been published in the June number of 'Energetyka'.

Responsible business in the time of coronavirus

2020.06.17 Due to the COVID-19 epidemic Pro Novum decided to cofinance the purchase of gifts for the youngest patients of local hospitals.

The Creditworthiness Certificate 2020

2020.05.04 4th May 2020 the International Credit Information Agency Creditreform made the report on payment capability of our company. It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum once again obtained the Credi...

The Reliable Company

2020.03.19 It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum sixth time obtained the Reliable Company 2019 Certificate.

‘Power Units 200+' Program

2019.12.23 Pro Novum sp. z o.o. entered the 3rd phase of the ‘Power Units 200+' Program from the first place!

The Silesian Social Solidarity Medal

2019.12.13 On December 12, 2019 President of the Board Jerzy Trzeszczyński received the Silesian Social Solidarity Medal.

Publication in 'Dozór Techniczny'

2019.12.12 In the current issue of 'Dozór Techniczny' you may read the article by Jerzy Trzeszczyński.

Ewa Trzeszczyńska in Consultative and Programme Council of the 'Energetyka' Magazine

2019.11.14 Ewa Trzeszczyńska has been invited to participate in the work of the Consultative and Programme Council of the 'Energetyka' Magazine.

21st Informative & Training Symposium behind us!

2019.10.07 The next, 21st Informative & Training Symposium took place on October 3-4, 2019 in Katowice.

Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2019

2019.07.31 First Pro Novum Bulletin in 2019 have been published in the July number of 'Energetyka'.
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