8th Katowice Days of Electricity

2016.06.29 On 14-15 June, 2016 in the International Conference Centre in Katowice took place the 8th Katowice Days of Electricity.

8th Katowice Days of Electricity

2016.06.04 We invite you to join us during 8th Katowice Days of Electricity.

18th Informative & Training Symposium

2016.05.14 The next, 18th Symposium DIAGNOSTICS & OVERHAULS OF THERMO-MECHANICAL POWER EQUIPMENT will take place in Hotel Qubus in Katowice, Poland on October 6-7, 2016.

The Silesian Quality Award

2016.05.12 It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum obtained the Silesian Quality Award.

The Reliable Company 2015

2016.02.23 It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum second time obtained the Reliable Company 2015 Certificate.

Title ‘The Friend of a Foundation’ for Ewa Trzeszczyńska

2016.02.05 During the New Year's Concert on 17th January, 2016 organized by the 'Children's smile' Foundation and the Regional Business Centre in Katowice Ewa Trzeszczyńska received title ‘The...

The Creditworthiness Certificate

2015.12.14 It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum third time obtained the Creditworthiness Certificate.

'Key of success' for Jerzy Trzeszczyński

2015.11.25 President of the Board, Jerzy Trzeszczyński had been awarded in appreciation of his contribution in Polish power sector development.

18th Infomative & Training Symposium

2015.11.25 We would like to inform, that next 18th Infomative & Training Symposium will take place in Hotel Qubus, Katowice on October 6th-7th, 2016.

17th Informative & Training Symposium

2015.10.26 17th Informative & Training Symposium took place between 8th and 9th October 2015 in Hotel Qubus, Katowice (Poland).
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