Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2017 - Energetyka, No 12/2017 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Diagnostics to support flexible operation of 200 MW power units.
Radosław Stanek, Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Marcin Dąbrowski - Diagnostics of one type of power equipment in the national power system scale using IT portal integrating operation information.
Wojciech Murzynowski, Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Experiences related to remote diagnostics and development trends of IT platform LM System PRO+®.
Stanisław Siedlecki (ENERGA Elektrownie Ostrołęka SA), Wojciech Merdalski - Experiences of ENERGA Elektrownie Ostrołęka SA with flexible operation of modernized power units 200 MW
Wojciech Brunné - Reduction of units capacity and cycle load as causes of hazards for safe operation of power units.


Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2017 - Energetyka, No 6/2017 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Adrian Sobczyszyn, Kamil Staszałek, Radosław Stanek, Sławomir Rajca - Diagnostics of long time operated power units planned for flexible operation.
Radosław Stanek, Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Pro Novum experience in performing diagnostic supervision of BB-1150 and OP-650 boilers heating surfaces based on risk analysis.
Krzysztof Brunné, Kamil Staszałek, Przemysław Syty - Special testing of long operated steam boiler drums.
Wojciech Brunné - Vibrations of double-reheat steam pipings of power units working in regulation - Causes and prevention methods.