Pro Novum Bulletin 1/1996 - Energetyka 1996, No 1

Trzeszczyński J., Dobosiewicz J., Stachura S., Grzesiczek E. Present experience connected with the revitalisation of steam turbine cylinders
Zbroińska-Szczechura E., Dobosiewicz J. Standstill corrosion of pressure equipment elements
Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Selected criteria for the assessment of the durability of power units pressure elements operating under creep conditions


Pro Novum Bulletin 2/1996 - Energetyka 1996, No 5

Brunné W. Guidelines for the supervision on the condition of main steam pipelines
Kuśmierski P., Szczygielski M. Condition of the fasteners of main steam piping in 200 MW power units
Dobosiewicz J. Corrosion of condenser brass tubing on steam side
Trzeszczyński J. Is it possible to worsen while improving?


Pro Novum Bulletin 3/1996 - Energetyka 1996, No 11

Dobosiewicz J. Reasons for regenerating steam turbine cylinders
Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Corrosive erosion of condenser tubing on cooling water side