Pro Novum Bulletin 1/1997 - Energetyka 1997, No 3

Trzeszczyński J., Stachura S. Practicability of destructive testing in the assessment of technical condition of steam piping operating under creep condition
Dobosiewicz J., Grzesiczek E. Resistance of generator rotors to brittle fracture
Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Defects on separation equipment brackets in boiler drums


Pro Novum Bulletin 2/1997 - Energetyka 1997, No 9

Dobosiewicz J. Non-destructive examination of generator rotor shafts
Zbroińska-Szczechura E "Thermal shock" – induced cracks on certain openings in HP boiler drums
Brunné W. Proposal of changes in the fastening of HP pipelines of OP-650 boiler
Trzeszczyński J. Failures of turbine cylinders and valve boxes caused cy casting defects

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Energetyka 1997, No 9 - cover