Pro Novum Bulletin 1/1999 - Energetyka 1999, No 2

Dobosiewicz J., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Assessment way of superheater coil usefulness
Brunné W. Material fatigue degradation of cast HP pipe cross
Hlebowicz J. Visual inspections in power engineering - application and constraints

Energetyka 1999, No 2 - cover


Pro Novum Bulletin 2/1999 - Energetyka 1999, No 11

Trzeszczyński J., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Monitoring for material diagnosis purposes of the operation condition of power units
Dobosiewicz J. Criteria of state assessment of steam turbine rotors
Brunné W. Permanent supervision of the HP pipelines state in power stations and CHP stations
Brunné W., Gołka J., Haliński J. Geodesy measurement of thermal displacements of HP pipelines in power stations and CHP stations

Energetyka 1999, No 11 - cover