Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2000 - Energetyka 2000, No 3

Dobosiewicz J. Corrosion of water-wall pipes in boiler with low emission burners
Grzesiczek E., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Guidelines for modernization of connector pipes of central falling tubes and repair of manhole sleeyes
Dobosiewicz J., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Material and thermal diagnostics of condensers
Hlebowicz J.
Methods of tightness control for pressurized equipment

Energetyka 2000, No 3 - cover


Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2000 - Energetyka 2000, No 12

Trzeszczyński J. Durability of mechanical and thermal equipment in rower units after their modernization
Dobosiewicz J. Failures of steam generator pipes from inner side
Dobosiewicz J., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Stress corrosion in boiler elements

Energetyka 2000, No 12 - cover