We are pleased to announce that we are among the laureates of the prestigious group of 'Forbes Diamonds' 2022.


The announcement of the results will take place during the ceremonial regional Gala, which will take place in the largest Polish cities from March to June 2022. It will be inaugurated by a special report "Forbes Diamonds" attached to the issue 02/2022 of the magazine, which will be published on January 27, 2022.


Forbes Diamonds is an annual ranking of companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last three years. This confirmation of the strength, ability to build brand and business value and quality is particularly gaining importance in today's complicated times.

The results of the "Forbes Diamonds 2022" ranking were prepared on the basis of the Swiss method of valuation of the company. The key criteria include, among others financial results for the years 2016 - 2020, property value, payment history, payment credibility or the lack of negative legal events.

The title "Forbes Diamond 2022" confirms that we are among the best companies in Poland, of which we are extremely proud.