The European Medal

We are pleased to announce that we have received the European Medal in the XXXII edition of the program, awarded by the Business Center Club for diagnostic supervision over the conditional operation of power elements.

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Publication in 'Nowa Energia'

In the current, second issue of 'Nowa Energia' you may read the article by Jerzy Trzeszczyński entitled Diagnostics accompanying the energy transformation.


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Our presentation on ETD International Conference

On April 22-24, 2021, the 3-Days On-line "HIDA-8" International Conference "FAILURE, CRACKING, DAMAGE & LIFE ASSESSMENT IN HIGH TEMPERATURE PLANT" organized by ETD took place.

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Publication in 'Energetyka'

In the current issue of 'Energetyka' (No 2/2021) you may read the article by Jerzy Trzeszczyński entitled Diagnostics today and tomorrow.

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Publication in ŚWE

In the current issue of 'Śląskie Wiadomości Elektryczne' you may read the article by Jerzy Trzeszczyński entitled Diagnostics as a source of knowledge and operation strategy.

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The Reliable Company

It is our pleasure to inform that Pro Novum seventh time obtained the Reliable Company 2020 Certificate.

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Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2020

Second Pro Novum Bulletin in 2020 have been published in the December number of 'Energetyka'.

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Publication in VGB PowerTech

In the current, ninth issue of VGB PowerTech' you may read the article by Jerzy Trzeszczyński entitled & Ewa Trzeszczyńska entitled Diagnostics as a source of knowledge and strategy for coal-fired units operated in a flexible mode.

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22nd Informative & Training Symposium behind us

The next, 22nd Informative & Training Symposium DIAGNOSTICS & OVERHAULS OF POWER EQUIPMENT Diagnostics as a base for operation strategy took place on October 8-9, 2020 in Katowice.

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SEP Recommenation

During the ceremonial opening of the 22nd Symposium the SEP RECOMMENDATION CERTIFICATE have been handed out to the Pro Novum CEO Mr. Jerzy Trzeszczyński.

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Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2020

First Pro Novum Bulletin in 2020 have been published in the June number of 'Energetyka'.

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Responsible business in the time of coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic Pro Novum decided to cofinance the purchase of gifts for the youngest patients of local hospitals.

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