Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2006 - Energetyka 2006, No 3

Trzeszczyński J., Brunné W., Grzesiczek E. Effectiveness of solutions extending operation period of long operated cast steel elements of steam turbines and steam pipelines. Operational experiences
Dobosiewicz J., Adamek J. Assessment of technical condition of generator rotor caps
Brunné W. Usefulness of non-destructive tests for life time forecasting of HP steam pipelines
Klepacki F. High-temperature corrosion of boiler superheater coils
Trzeszczyński J., Grzesiczek E., Patyk K. Repair by welding of rotor blade system of 13UP110 HP steam turbine rotor

Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2006 - Energetyka 2006, No 7

Dobosiewicz J. Influence of feed and boiler water quality on durability of generator heating surfaces
Klepacki F. Influence of stress and fatigue corrosion on boiler failure frequency
Śliwa A., Gawron P. Influence of boiler water purity on pipe damages in areas with numerous narrowings, in pipe bends and inclined sections of piping


Pro Novum Bulletin 3/2006 - Energetyka 2006, No 12

Dobosiewicz J., Zbroińska-Szczechura E. Influence of boiler operating conditions on secondary steam superheater pipe-coils durability
Trzeszczyński J. Thermal shock as a factor limiting the lifetime of pressure components operated under creep conditions
Rajca S., Pizon E., Brunné K. Selected experiences connected with the examination of material condition within the area of rotor disk grooves
Grzesiczek E., Murzynowski W. The effect of geometry and MES calculating simulations on the results of the analysis of stress in the rotor disk rims
Klepacki F. The influence of water blowers on thermal stresses in boiling tubes waterwalls