Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2016 - Energetyka, No 12/2016 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Life extension of 100 MW – 360 MW power units accompanied by Diagnostics 4.0
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Paweł Gawron, Wojciech Murzynowski - Guidelines for life extension of modernized power units 100 MW – 360 MW
Kamil Staszałek, Radosław Stanek - Monitoring of operating conditions of boilers of 200 MW power units to assess the impact
of cycle load on the technical conditionof selected components and construction nodes
Sławomir Rajca, Ewald Grzesiczek - Damages caused by flexible operation and long standstills of turbine sets
Rafał Szyja, Bartosz Borcz - Lifetime extension of pipelines over calculated time on the basis of UDT and Pro Novum

Pro Novum Bulletin 1/2016 - Energetyka, No 6/2016 (only Polish version)
Elżbieta Boehme-Śliwa, Stanisław Jagustyn (Fortum Silesia S.A.) - Experience from commissioning of the demineralization plant in Fortum Silesia S.A. – CHP Zabrze
Przemysław Syty, Adrian Sobczyszyn - Corrosion damages of austenitic superheater tubes in a biomass-fired boiler
Przemysław Jurasz - Chemical cleaning of power plant equipment, increase of the needs and execution limitations, in the a long time operated power units
Wojciech Brunné - Removal of stress concentration sources in piping critical elements through construction changes