Pro Novum Bulletin 2/2011 - Energetyka 2011, No 12

Oberc P., Chudy J., Moskal E.

  • Production assets management of power plants and CHP plants by centralizing  engineering activities
  • Bojek L., Żabowski  B. Process of reorganization the area of the assets management on the example of VHP S.A.

Trzeszczyński J., Murzynowski W., Stanek R. Management of the productive assets of a group of power plants supported by an expert company. Models of cooperation and examples of realization
Dobosiewicz J. Experience of the Department for Diagnostics and Prophylactics of ZEOPd in scope of solving the operational and overhaul problems
Trzeszczyński J. Pro Novum diagnostic systems - integration of many years' experience, innovative testing methodologies and modern IT technologies
Mróz M. LM System PRO+® as an IT support for the diagnostic systems and knowledge management systems in PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. Oddział Elektrownia Turów
Brunné W., TrzeszczyńskiJ., Haliński J. 

On-line diagnostics of main steam pipelines of power units
Gawron P., Danisz S.
Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) and  work safety in the context of  lifetime extension of power equipment 
Bujalski W., Badyda K., Błasiak M., Warchoł M.
Optimization of operation of a large heat accumulator basing on the implemented solution at Vattenfall Heat Poland S.A.
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