Dozór Techniczny, Nr 6/2019 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Safety and availability of power equipment in the last phase of their operation

Dozór Techniczny, Nr 1/2019 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Diagnostic ensuring safety and high availability of 200 MW power units

Dozór Techniczny, Nr 1/2018 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Diagnostics to support flexible operation of 200 MW power units

Dozór Techniczny, Nr 4/2017 (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Adrian Sobczyszyn, Kamil Staszałek, Radosław Stanek, Sławomir Rajca - Diagnostic of long-operated power units intended for regulatory work

Dozór Techniczny, No 1/2017 (only Polish version)
Grzegorz Olewicz (EDF Polska S.A.), Adrian Sobczyszyn (Pro Novum sp. z o.o.) - Diagnostics of heat recovery steam boilers on the example of boiler OU-192
Krzysztof Brunné, Kamil Staszałek, Przemysław Syty (Pro Novum sp. z o.o.) - Special tests of long time operated steam boilers drums

Dozór Techniczny, No 6/2016 (only Polish version)
The full report from 18th Informative & Training Sympozium
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Life extension of 100 MW – 360 MW power units accompanied by Diagnostics 4.0

Dozór Techniczny, No 3/2016 (only Polish version)
The full report from XVI Conference (only Polish version)
Paweł Gawron - Asset management of power plant equipment during long term outages (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 1/2016
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Radosław Stanek, Wojciech Murzynowski - Pro Novum experiences and intensions connected with adapting long time operated assets of national power system to work in a perspective up to year 2030 (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 6/2015
The full report from XVII Symposium (only Polish version)
Jerzy Trzeszczyński – Asset management – security management (only Polish version)
Krzysztof Brunné – Destructive testing of long time operated drums of steam boilers (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 2/2015
Paweł Gawron - Experience connected with maintaining the purity of water-steam circuit in supercritical boiler (only Polish version)


Dozór Techniczny, No 1/2015
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - About searching for a new managing model of new and modernized power units
Sylweriusz Brzuska (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego) - UDT experience connected with in-service examinations of new power units

Dozór Techniczny, No 6/2014
Wioletta Krzyżak (TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. - Oddział Elektrownia Łagisza), Paweł Gawron - The supercritical boilers, a new range of problems (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 4-5/2014
Paweł Gawron, Przemysław Jurasz - Changes in guidelines concerning the quality of a circulating agent in water/steam systems of power units (only Polish version)
The full report from XV Conference (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 3/2014
Jerzy Trzeszczyński Radosław Stanek - Failure frequency analysis of a 200 MW power unit critical elements as an important component of a service life prediction methodology (only Polish version)
Paweł Gawron - Boiler tube failures in regions of narrowing, in curves and on the vouchers sloped in context boiler water quality (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny, No 6/2013
Jerzy Dobosiewicz, Ewa Zbroińska–Szczechura - Conditions for correct analysis of reasons of steam boilers tube failures’
Janusz Jabłoński, Mariusz Kuczko (PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. Oddział Elektrownia Turów) - Operation issues of the fluidized bed boilers at PGE GiEK Division Turów Power Plant – diagnostics and modernizations improving the availability of boilers
Krzysztof Brunné, Kamil Staszałek - On-line management of the knowledge on the causes of tube leaks on the boiler heating surfaces
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Radosław Stanek - Failure analysis of the critical components of 200 MW power units as a crucial element of lifetime prognosis methodology

Dozór Techniczny 2012, No 4
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Wojciech Murzynowski, Radosław Stanek - Risk analysis as a support to maintain technical condition of thermal and mechanical equipment in power stations (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2012, No 2
Jerzy Trzeszczyński - Diagnostic system that enables safe operation of 200 MW power units working for over 300.000 hours (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2011, No 6
Wojciech Brunné, Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Janusz Haliński - On-line diagnostics of steam pipelines of power units (only Polish version)


Dozór Techniczny 2011, No 5
Jerzy Trzeszczyński, Sławomir Białek - Monitoring technical condition of thermo-mechanical equipment of power units using the LM System PRO®+ software engineering platform (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2010, No 1-2
Jerzy Dobosiewicz, Ewa Zbroińska-Szczechura - Methods used to assessment of the degree of usage of boiler pressure elements operating in creep conditions (only Polish version)
Wojciech Brunné - Benefits of piping system modernizations aimed at extending their service life (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2009, No 3
Jerzy Dobosiewicz - Risk analysis of reliable operation of steam superheater headers (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2009, No 2
Alfred Śliwa, Paweł Gawron - Copper in deposits formed in power equipment - problems in operation and maintenance (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2007, No 4
Ewa Zbroińska-Szczechura - Typical damages of boiler drums (only Polish version)
Filip Klepacki - Comparision of used strain hipothesis and different construction of stubs regarding to hardness calculations of a drum (Disscusion paper) (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2007, No 2
Wojciech Brunné -Support of high-pressure / high-temperature piping long time in service (only Polish version)

Dozór Techniczny 2004, No 2
Jerzy Dobosiewicz, Ewa Zbroińska-Szczechura - Diagnostics of steam boiler headers