• We have been honoured with European Medal for the diagnostic supervision of conditional operation of power equipment .
  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2019'.



  • The  Creditworthiness Certificate from the International Credit Information Agency Creditreform.
  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2020'.


  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2019'.
  • President of the Board Mr. Jerzy Trzeszczyński received the Gold Honorary Badge of Merit for the Silesian Voivodeship and an honorary distinction.
  • Recommendation of Business Centre Club.
  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2018'.



  • In the 21st edition of the prestigious program 'Business Fair Play' our Company obtained Business Fair Play Quality Certificate 2018 and the Silver Laurel.
  • Pro Novum and Jerzy Trzeszczyński President of the Board obtained the ‘Diamond for the Statuette Caesar of Silesian Business'.
  • We have been honoured with European Medal for the web portal www.portalblokipro.pl
  • President of the Board Mr. Jerzy Trzeszczyński received a nomination to the Council of the Katowice Lodge of Busines Centre Club and thanks in recognition for the active promotion of the idea and spirit of entrepreneurship, commitment and contribution to the development of the Silesian economy on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Polish transformation signed by the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodship, Mr. Wojciech Saługa.
  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2017'.



  • 30th anniversary of Company founding.
  • On October 26, 2017 during the 25th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection Pro Novum management was honored with Polish Civil Decorations. CEO Jerzy Trzeszczyński received the Bronze Cross of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland, while Member of the Board Wojciech Brunné received the honorary badge "For merits for energy" awarded by the Minister of Energy.
  • Certificate 'Fair Play Company'
  • A Office in Warsaw was established.
  • Recognition Certificate of the Chamber of Experts of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers for outstanding merits in business conducted in cooperation with the Chamber.
  • During The Business Centre Club Gala which took place on June 11th 2017 in Promnice Castle Pro Novum obtained the ‘Caesar of Silesian Business 2017’.



  • During the New Year's Concert on 17th January, 2016 organized by the 'Children's smile' Foundation and the Regional Business Centre in Katowice Ewa Trzeszczyńska received title 'The Friend of the Foundation'.
  • Silesian Quality Award in category 'Medium Service Company'.
  • Pro Novum was awarded in category "Economy" in 7th edition of the prestigious program Marka-Śląskie (Brand-Silesian) organized by the
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gliwice, Dziennik Zachodni and Polish Radio Katowice.
  • The title of 'Ambassador of Marka Śląskie (Brand-Silesian)' (handed for the first time) gained in plebiscite organized by journal 'Dziennik
  • Zachodni' .
  • Title of 'Reliable Company 2016'.
  • Polish Quality Award in a category 'medium organization science and technology' in 22nd edition of a competition organized by Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Centre for Research and Certification and Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club.
  • Golden statuette and the certificate 'Fair Play Company'.
  • CEO Jerzy Trzeszczyñski has been awarded with Medal of prof. Jan Obrębalski by regional section of Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP).


  • We have been nominated in the program 'IT Leader 2015'.
  • Second time we obtained the Reliable Company 2015 Certificate.
  • We have been honoured with European Medal for the risk based maintenance of thermo-mechanical power equimpent based on LM Serwis PRO®.
  • We became the Member of Business Centre Club.
  • We became the Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.
  • Pro Novum obtained the Certificate of Reliability in Polish Program Reliable Company.


  • Pro Novum obtained Golden Laurel of skills and competences in category ‘Polish Enterprise’ in the prestigious program ‘Laurels of Skills and Competences’.
  • In the 17th edition of the prestigious program 'Business Fair Play' our Company obtained Gold Certificate 'Business Fair Play 2014'.
  • Pro Novum obtained the Creditworthiness Certificate.
  • Pro Novum obtained the Reliable Company 2014 Certificate.
  • Pro Novum became the member of Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • Once again we were rewarded in prestigious program 'Forbe's Diamonds'.
  • We have been nominated in the program 'Business Gazelles'.


  • We were rewarded with a title ‘Polish Success 2013’ in national competition under honorary patronage of Ministry of Economy.
  • We were the host of 30th management meeting of the regional section of Polish Electricians’ Association (SEP) under Honorary Patronage of Mayor of Katowice Mr. Piotr Uszok.
  • We have been nominated in 14th edition of the program ‘Gazelles of Business’.
  • In the 16th edition of the prestigious program 'Business Fair Play' our Company obtained the Certificate 'Business Fair Play 2013' for the second time.
  • We were rewarded with a title 'Cheetah of Business' for the third time.
  • Once again we were rewarded with a title 'Effective Company' .



  • We obtained the Certificate 'Business Fair Play 2012' and the title 'Debut Fair Play' 2012 in the 15th edition of the prestigious program 'Business Fair Play'.
  • Some time ago we have implemented Integrated Management System for Occupational Health and Safety accordingly to PN-ISO 18001 standard. On 29th March we have received the certificate from TÜV Rheinland stating that.
  • 25th anniversary of Company founding.



  • Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Naukowo-Technicznych "Pro Novum" Sp. z o.o. was rewarded with the title 'Cheetah of Business' for its dynamic development. The diploma in appreciation of contribution in Company's development was adjudged to President of the Board Mr Jerzy Trzeszczyński.
  • Our service 'On-line analysis of failureness of thermo-mechanical power equipment' have been awarded in the category 'New technologies, services, solutions' in a competition 'KEY OF SUCCESS'.



  • Our Internet Platform LM Serwis PRO has been honoured with ‘The Highest Quality’ Certificate within the Program of Enterprise and Export Promotion in the category ‘Service’.
  • On 15th April the company named TurboLab – Diagnostyka Turbin Sp. z o.o. founded by Pro Novum Sp. z o.o. together with ZRE Katowice S.A. starts its economic activity



  • We become a member of Technical Committee for NDE of Polish Committee for Standardization.
  • One of most recent services from our offer, process of passivation of newly adopted ferrous tubes in heat exchangers in order for their lifetime extension, gains the title of ‘Innovative service’ in the competition ‘National Leaders of Innovation’.
  • Pro Novum received the statue of ‘Cheetah of Business’. Moreover, Mr Jerzy Trzeszczyński, President of the Board of our Company is favored with the diploma in appreciation of his contribution in Pro Novum development.
  • Network system LM System PRO® received the title ‘EUROPRODUCT’ decreed by Polish Economic Society in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. It’s a great favor for us!
  • First presentation of Pro Novum in magazine ‘Nowa Energia’ (New Energy) is published.
  • We receive the Certificate for Transparent Company.



  • The Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland favored Pro Novum with prestigious status of Research & Development Center. That means that we fulfill the highest requirements stated in the legal acts. We were the second company in Poland, which attained it!
  • Our name motivates us most – from the very beginning we choose innovative solutions. In the competition ‘National Leaders of Innovation’ we are favored as ‘Innovative Company’. We knew that, but now everybody does!


  • In January Chemical Testing Laboratory receives Recognition certificate of 2nd level. It was a good starts of the good year.
  • The authorizations of Material Testing Laboratory were extended by Recognition certificate for eddy current examinations issued by the Office for Technical Inspection.
  • 20 years after meeting of founders, in May, we moved to our 5th head office. Again, it’s just a few steps from the previous one, but our new modern seat on Wróbli Street was designed especially for us.
  • On the occasion of 20th anniversary of Pro Novum there was a celebration in the Radio Katowice Concert Studio. Despite members of the Board and present and former employees, there were numerous and important guests – representatives of management bodies of power plants and heat & power cogenerations as well as our business partners. In the artistic part of the evening there was a concert by The Silesian String Quartet. The musicians (our friends of many years) presented Quartett No 7 composed especially for that occasion by Aleksander Lasoń.

 Siedziba przy ul. Wróbli



  • We entered our service revitalization of cast-steel elements of steam turbines into the 16th edition of the competition for best products and services ‘Poland: Now!’ and we Got the nomination for Polish Promotion Sign.


  • Some time ago we implemented Integrated Management System for Environment accordingly to PN-ISO 14001 standard. On 11th June we receive the certificate from TÜV Rheinland stating that.
  • We started intensive works on LM System PRO® - the software which supports management of the database on technical condition of thermo-mechanical power equipment. In the same year we apply in The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland for granting rights of protection for the trade mark LM System PRO®.



  • We gained a Cup of the Silesian Voivode for best small electric enterprise in the competition announced by Coal Basin Section of Polish Electricians Associatio



  • Pro Novum’s Material Testing Laboratory becomes a regular member of Polish Testing Laboratories Club POLLAB.
  • Company undertakes the organization of biennial Science & Technological Conference. It was the suggestion of our experts from Department for Power Chemistry and the theme of that Conferences covers the wide scope of issues connected with power chemistry.
  • On the occasion of 15th anniversary of Company founding the Board invited the employees and friends of Pro Novum to the Radio Katowice Concert Studio for the Argentinean Tango Show performed by Marcela Bernardo and for the exhibition of works by Jerzy Duda-Gracz, Zdzisław Beksiński, Jerzy Nowosielski and Franciszek Starowieyski.


  • Department for Power Chemistry was appointed in the structure of Pro Novum organization.
  • The Office of Technical Inspection confirms our authorization to perform repairs by means of chemical cleaning and pickling of the pressure equipment. (15th May 2001).
  • All the employees of the Material Testing Laboratory qualified in international authorization accordingly to EN 473:2000 standard.



  • On 1st July our Material Testing Laboratory receives Recognition certificate of 2nd level issued by Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection.
  • While organizing 1st Informative & Training Symposium ‘Diagnostics and maintenance of long time operated power equipment’ we had no conviction, if our concept of creating the specific forum for experience exchange and presentation of the most recent ideas for Polish power sector would be accepted. However, it occurred causeless. From that time Symposium takes place every year in early autumn (September/October).



  • After six years on Jordana Street we moved for the third time. Since now we are seated on Czajek Street in Katowice.
  • Integrated Management System for Quality accordingly to PN-ISO 9001 standard implemented in Pro Novum for some time has been certified by TÜV Rheinland on 10th June 1998.
  • On 1st September we received the recommendation from Polish Electricians Association for whole scope of our services.

 Siedziba przy ul. Czajek



  • Present structure of shareholders have been formed. Since May 1993 the Board is continuously composed with:
  • Jerzy Trzeszczyński D.Sc. Eng. as the President of the Board
  • Jerzy Dobosiewicz M.Sc. Eng. as the Vice President of the Board
  • Wojciech Brunné D.Sc. as the Member of the Board
  • In May we applied to The Patent Office of the Republic to grant rights of protection for the name and the logo of the Company as a trade mark.



  • The Company developed so intensively that we hale to change the office for the second time. However, we moved only a few crossroads away – to 25 Jordana Street.
  • To celebrate 5th anniversary of Pro Novum’s existence, the Board invited the employees of that time and other friends of the Company for the 1st Weekend with Pro Novum. Our September meetings turned into the tradition, which is continued until now.
     Siedziba przy ul. Jordana



  • Pro Novum undertakes cooperation with first group of the specialists from former ZEOPd.
  • First edition of Pro Novum Bulletin was published as a supplement to ‘Energetyka’ (Power Sector) – the professional magazine for power sector. Bulletin is put forth two or three times a year and presents our most important technical achievements and concepts and promotes our new technical ideas.
  • After three years we changed our seat and move to the new office in Katowice, Kościuszki Street No 30.

 Siedziba przy ul. Kościuszki



  • On the 5th May 1987 in Dąbrowa Górnicza took place the meeting of founders, which resulted in undersigning the notary deed containing the contract of the company named Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Naukowo-Technicznych i Handlowych „Pro Novum” sp. z o.o.
  • On 20th June 1987, on the basis of the decision of the District Court in Katowice Pro Novum was entered into Commercial Register Part B with number 129.
  • Our first registered office was located in Katowice Żwirki i Wigury Street, where on 3rd September 1987 Pro Novum started its economic activity.

 Siedziba przy ul. Żwirki i Wigury