In order to improve the management process Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Naukowo-Technicznych „Pro Novum” Spółka z o.o.  has installed and applied INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM including:

  • Quality Management System against the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015,
  • Environmental  Management System against the PN-EN ISO 14001:2015,
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System against the PN-EN ISO 45001:2018.


Additionally the following areas of Company’s activity have been certified:

  • Quality System for Material Testing Laboratory against the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025,


Accordingly to the requirements of aforementioned norms, responsibility of principals of the Company and its organization units’ as well as other employees have been stated. Director’s Proxy for Integrated Management System has been appointed and their duties are supervision over establishing, implementation, maintaining and improving the System.


Implemented System assures proper realization of all processes influencing a quality provided of services. Proficient System guarantees that all the processes are being monitored in scope of their efficiency, improved and adjusted to uninterruptedly changing market and technological conditions as well as Client’s requirements .

High quality of services is supported by continuous care about environment and employees’ safety.


Policy of Integrated Management System
for Quality, Environment and Occupationa Health & Safety

The main aim of the Company’s activity is:

  • keeping hitherto and gaining new Clients through granting their current and future requirements with maintaining the high recurrent quality and terms of undertaken projects with fulfilling the rules of environmental protection, job safety and economic effectiveness in the same time,
  • continuous perfecting of Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety.

We realize the Policy of Integrated Management System through:

  • advancement of internal organization of the Company based on systematically improved procedures supported by innovative IT tools,
  • employing the competent, best qualified specialists continuously cultivating their skills,
  • fulfilling legal requirements covering environmental protection, job safety and other binding legal rules,
  • pollution preservation  covering: Waste Minimization Assessment and minimization of media and power energy usage,
  • permanent improvement of activities undertaken in scope of job safety covering accidents at work, occupational diseases and near-miss incidents preservation,
  • responsibility and activity of all the employees in order to assure proper quality of performed work, observing the requirements of job safety and environment protection,
  • cooperation with a Client and a Service Provider in order to fulfill the requirements of environmental protection and to adjust to job safety rules,
  • assuring proper means for realization of herewith Policy.


The Policy of Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety creates obligations for the Board of the Company, other principals and each employee.
The Policy have been publicly announced to all the employees and is commonly available.