Among many Polish and foreign companies specialized in diagnostic examinations of power units we have an ambition to belong to those, which offer the diagnostics in the true sense of the word. Owing to significant database concerning the overhaul and operation we are able to prepare the inspection programs coming directly from the history of operation. This in turn ensures that the technical condition of the power unit, piece of equipment or its component will be determined on the basis of necessary knowledge, which optimizes both period of time and outlays needed for examination. Prognosis and recommendations for overhauls, operation and prevention do not constitute all the benefits resulting from the widely defined diagnostics.
There is just one step from the knowledge about technical condition of power equipment and its service prediction to preparing offers for the modernization, lifetime extension, maintenance and service with software supporting, power chemistry and technologies of repair and restoring initial usefulness with designing, manufacturing and development of power equipment aiming at extending operating period and adaptation to regulatory work. We have made that first step more than 30 years ago by offering the technology and performance of the revitalization of cast-steel turbine elements. Since than we systematically prepare further offers connected with advanced implementation of the knowledge on technical condition of thermo-mechanical equipment of power plants and CHPs.
The important thing in the activities undertaken by Pro Novum is continuous perfecting our skills, care for high quality of the services, advancement of the diagnostic and analytical methods as well as practical implementation of the latest achievements of science and technology.
What is more, we lead our internal R&D projects where the research teams, composed of our experts, work on innovative solutions of the problems pointed out by our Clients.