Jerzy Trzeszczyński - President of the Board, Director

Sławomir Rajca - Memeber of the Board, Chief Specialist for Testing and Turbine Services


Ewa Trzeszczyńska - Proxy, Deputy Administrative and Financial Director

Krzysztof Brunné - Proxy, Deputy Technical Director

Łukasz Magiera - Proxy, Chief Specialist for Site Works and Cooperation



The task of the board is managing the current activities of the company as well as indicating the way of its development, determining the future targets and looking for the opportunities to their realization.
We do our best in trying to explain our strategy first to our employees. However, we pay much attention to present it to our Clients with convenient time in advance and in the proper form.
During last years we have created the effective methods of communication with our Clients – adapted to the nature of our activities and specific offer. These are the publications of our experts presented in Bulletin Pro Novum, which is systematically put forth as a supplement to magazine ‘Energetyka’ as well as papers presented during Symposiums and Conferences organized by Pro Novum with its Partners or foreign ones.
Every year we try to provide our Clients with new service having in mind both realistic and foreseeable needs of Polish power plants and best foreign experiences.
We consequently defend the diagnostics understood as a field of acquiring knowledge about technical condition of the equipment rather than just collecting individual pieces of information. We try to convince our Clients that maintenance based on properly working diagnostic systems is cheaper. We offer such systems and their expert support for few years.